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Published October 15, 2019 In Tree Inspections & Maintenance

The Best Reasons for Tree Planting and Maintenance

Trees add so much to a yard. Yes, they definitely effect the resale value of your home, but more than anything trees play a very important part in our daily lives. Trees work to act as air filters, they help keep soil in place during heavy rains, and when planted strategically in a yard trees can even help offset energy costs. A home can be made to be cooler in the summers and warmer in the winters all thanks to the trees and shrubs that grow around it.

Peace of Mind

Along with all the financial and scientific reasons for planting and caring for trees within your yard, one key reason than cannot be overlooked is the way in which trees and bushes give those who live beside them great peace of mind. Trees provide privacy, shielding views from neighbors and from the street as needed. Trees and shrubs also allow your yard to become your own personal oasis. Whether you live in an urban area or in the country, trees will transform your yard into a place to rest, recharge and refresh. In today’s overly tech-saturated world, the trees and shrubs in our yard connect us to nature and remind us of the simple beauty of relaxation. Plant, care for and maintain the trees in your yard with the assistance of locally, certified arborists to ensure you keep your peace of mind for many, many years to come.    

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