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Fall is the perfect time to schedule annual tree care and maintenance.

Published August 1, 2019 In Tree Inspections & Maintenance

Seasonal Changes and Proper Tree Care

As one season gives way to another, many of us pull out our calendars and begin planning and scheduling everything from checkups to holiday travel, birthdays, and little league matches. Our wardrobe gets shuffled around maybe even updated as we prepare for the weather that lays ahead. But the changing of the seasons is also the perfect time to consider check-ups, changes and maintenance for the front and back yards. Each season brings with it a host of rain, more sun or less, and temperature highs and lows. All of these factors can affect the health and well-being of the trees in your yard, especially if it’s been a particularly hot summer or really wet winter. By scheduled tree care, branch-trimming and overall maintenance alongside that pre-planned dentist visit, you can ensure that the trees in your yard will be there, growing to be big and strong for many years to come.

Also, by regularly having tree care professionals assess and maintain your property, you will be able to track and forecast the health and well-being of your trees on a seasonal and annual basis. Tree care professionals will be able to tell if and why a particular tree isn’t growing as it should or if there are issues with irrigation, soil, and sun affecting the tree, not to mention tracking and preventing any potential internal issues such as rot or infestation. By guaranteeing that the trees in your lawn are growing as they should and that adequate steps are being taken are regular intervals, you can end up saving more money that if a beloved, shade-giving tree in the backyard has to be removed or replaced due to an issue that could have been tackled if only if the issue had been spotted and addressed sooner.

The trees in our front and backyards give so much unspeakable character the cherished places we share without friends and families. We not only owe it to these beautiful additions to front and back yard life, we owe it to ourselves. Reaching out to trusted tree care professionals for regular, seasonal maintenance will ensure these beloved extensions of home and family life will continue being a vital part of our lives for many years and generations to come.

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