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Published September 1, 2019 In Tree Inspections & Maintenance

Monthly Maintenance Saves in the Long Run

Monthly maintenance of the trees and your bushes in your yard might seem like an expense many homeowners might question. But the realization that this maintenance saves you much more in the long run should make it a top priority for all homeowners in both their front and back yards. First, and perhaps foremost, is look given to your house by yard well-maintained. The undeniable value of curb appeal is not only a financial one, but a point of pride for every homeowner whether they are looking to sell in the near future or not.

A second consideration along the same lines is any home owners’ association fees that may be incurred by improper upkeep. This can include but is not limited to overgrowth as well as damage to trees and bushes during a storm. Much of the damage that occurs during an after severe weather is oftentimes damage that could have been prevented or lessened with proper, regular monthly tree care and maintenance. One key example of this is falling branches and tree limbs which in most cases could be avoided with regular trimming. Weak and dying branches can also prove to be a big safety concern and potential insurance liability, especially in shared and common outdoor spaces where people and property could be damaged. And aside from the insurance costs, concerns over the safety of those in your household is enough to make anyone worry.

All of these costs and concerns can be prevented by reaching out to a trusted tree care professional in your area who will be able to establish a regular monthly maintenance plan to ensure no issues with lawn care lie in your future. Not only can a plan be tailor made to fit your needs and avoid any headaches, they can also consider and evaluate the long-term growth and look of your yard.  

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