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Tree pruning is important to the health and overall well-being of the tree.

Published August 6, 2019 In Tree Care

The Need for Tree Pruning and Maintenance

When it comes to the health and wellbeing of the trees in your yard, oftentimes we consider the amounts of water and sunlight our landscaping receives. Without a doubt, those things are important, but there is a component to proper tree care and maintenance that is just as vital to the overall long-term health of the trees you have and that is pruning. Trimming the branches of a tree has a direct effect on the way the tree itself continues to grow.

We can easily look at one of the giant additions to our front or back yard and assume that’s the way the tree is now and always will be. Trees grow slowly and we don’t always have time to stop and consider what they were once like. Forgetting that they are, in fact, growing and changing all the time can lead to maintenance oversite. Regular tree maintenance is invaluable for a ton of reasons. E.g. reducing the number of smaller branches a tree has allows the tree the ability to redirect its growth efforts into the larger and mid-size branches it already has, making those branches stronger, not to mention bigger. Cool, right?

Pruning is also key to the very direction in which the tree expands and grows, adding to the structural integrity of the tree overall. This is critical to the weight distribution and general health of the tree and its branches for years to come. Another key reason to prune away weak, dying, or dead branches is that while the health and safety of the tree is important, but nothing trumps the health and safety of you and your friends and family.

Sitting beneath a weak branch can be extremely dangerous, especially following an event such as a storm which may lead to the branch falling down onto anyone or anything below. As for ideal timing, pruning should be done in the fall or winter seasons as the tree will be dormant and will not be as susceptible to insect infestation as the point of pruning. Following these steps are key to continued, future health of the tree, but it also requires a level of precision to ensure not too much is trimmed at the time of pruning.

This is where certified tree care professionals can be a great resource. Not only will certified arborists know which branches should be pruned and at what time for minimal impact on tree health, they will also know the exact amount of trimming to do. Also, tree care professionals will be able to track, monitor and assess the tree health before, during and after the tree pruning process.

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