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Published July 2, 2019 In Tree Care

Taking Care of the Trees in Your Yard

One of the joys of owning a home is knowing that you can create a personal oasis. Your experience your home and landscape for a significant percentage of your life experience. One of the best ways to ensure that your landscape stays beautiful and inspiring is proper tree maintenance.

Experiencing a well-maintained anything (car, home, landscape) offers a type of luxury that goes beyond monetary value. It’s elevated experience. It’s better. In the case of a landscape, proper tree maintenance can literally change your daily environment in dramatic ways.

All the trees on your property need regular care and attention. There’s a lot that goes into the proper care and maintenance of a tree and the potential risks and warning signs of something bad regarding the tree’s health should be spotted and addressed. The sooner the better holds true, especially in potential damage prevention.

By knowing what to look for, homeowners can take ownership over the health and well-being of their trees to ensure they enjoy them for many springs, summers, falls and winters to come. They can also be sure to:

  • Get the best light in their yards, gardens, and windows
  • Provide healthy habitats for birds and wildlife away from the home
  • Prevent potential property damage

Signs Of Health In A Tree

First you should look for any recent leaning or tilting in the general overall directional growth of the tree. This needs to be corrected as soon as possible as a number of issues can easily crop up, from safety concerns to the general welfare and future of the tree. A certified arborist will not only be able to properly advise on tree lean, but they will also be able to offer a range of solutions and fixes.

Another thing homeowners need to keep a sharp eye out for is the growth of fungus on the trees themselves. Oftentimes this is an early indicator of overall decay which can ultimately lead to tree failure. Homeowners again need to turn to certified arborist to determine a short list of best next steps.

For this to happen, find a local tree care company you can trust. One with a solid reputation and client referrals. Verify that the company you are considering is trusted, licensed, and verified.

Tree care companies with certified arborists will be happy to recommend a regular maintenance schedule. Ideally, your landscape is maintained both during the dormant season as well as the growing season. Inspections should always be conducted following severe weather or a big storm, especially high winds. The sooner something is addressed the sooner your trees can be on their way to being bigger, better, and healthier than ever.

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