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Published October 1, 2019 In Tree Care

Planting to Last

Landscape design is quite often a marathon and not a sprint. The trees and shrubs you plant will take time to grow and for all your patience and money spent on general lawn care maintenance, you want to do everything you can to make sure you are planting to last.

Your tree’s root system will be a mirror of the branches overhead that form its canopy. When planting trees of a certain size you want to make sure those roots will be able to grow and spread uninhibited by other things, such as your home’s foundation. Trees also need to be planted in the ground at the same depth they occupied in the planters they came in. If a tree is planted too deep it could die as the roots aren’t given the ability to grow like they should and often succumb to disease and infestation.    

Lesser Known Tips

Some people don’t realize too much mulch can be a bad thing. Mulch rots, which is how it goes about creating the nutrients a new tree needs, but if that mulch is packed up in a giant mound around the live bark of a tree, it can actually hurt the tree. Trees can even die from such over-exposure, and they are very susceptible to this when they have not yet reached maturity.

Along the same lines, a young tree should only be planted with stakes when they are one hundred percent needed. This is because a tree will grow quicker and stronger when not tied down. Trees may need stakes to correct the path of their growth, but stakes also slow the trees acclimation to their new environments.

With all these tips about planting to last, the biggest of all is to regularly consult a local, trusted tree care professional who can monitor, guide, and assist you in your trees’ health throughout their development.      

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