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Published October 8, 2019 In Tips & Tricks

Yes, You Can Plant in the Fall

Despite what some may think, you can plant new trees in the fall. From the end of September, when most have their minds set on pumpkin carving, for those of us here north of the equator fall also makes an ideal time to plant. No need to wait until the spring to add those trees and shrubs you’ve been thinking about all summer long.

Springtime is great for planting, but by planting trees in the fall you avoid any damage caused by excessively hot summers. Trees become dormant in the winter, but so long as the root systems have time to take hold before the ground potentially freezes in one of our famous Texas cold snaps, trees will do well and take hold.

Nature’s Paintbrush

Perhaps one of the best reasons to plant in the fall is to be able to see what the tree looks like as its leaves begin to change. All the beautiful, rich colors of autumnal leaves will be on full display when selecting trees to plant in the fall and by speaking with certified arborists you will know exactly what to expect year-round. Also, be sure to stay in touch with tree care professionals as fall gives way to winter to make sure any and all changes your new tree undergoes is in line with natural and healthy cycles from season to season. While every species of tree might not be an ideal candidate for planting in the fall, many are, and the benefits not only appear instantly with golden browns, deep reds, and glowing yellows, the trees will also be fully prepared to handle the cold of the winter and future heat of summer. Your yard is a canvas, so let autumn leaves be your paintbrush, and make it a happy fall, y’all, indeed.        

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