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Published October 29, 2019 In Tips & Tricks

Top Tips for Tree Care

Everyone would agree that trees make a yard look and feel very different. Large healthy trees fill a yard with beauty and make any space feel more majestic. Unhealthy trees, or those in desperate need of maintenance, take away from the beauty and grandeur of any yard as well as pose potential safety risks. The need is clear to properly care for and maintain the trees on your property to ensure they stay healthy, beautiful, and most of all safe for many years to come. Caring for the trees in your yard is made easy with the following top tips.

Tree Care Priorities

The first tip is always to make sure your tree is healthy. Pruning to remove dead and dying branches will promote the healthy growth of strong, insect-free branches and trunks. Regular tree trimming will not only prevent rot from any diseased parts of the tree, it will also add to the overall look of the tree and you will even be able to direct the growth of the tree overall, shaping it how you want. By limiting an overgrowth of branches, you will also be able to optimize the output of fruit, leaves, and flowers.

The second tip is to keep trees free of structures, such as your home or garage, as well as away from any power lines or streetlights. This will come in handy during severe weather which may fell branches and lead to property damage or safety concerns for your family, friends, and neighbors.

The final tip is to think about what your yard will look like decades from now.

Plant with Tomorrow in Mind

Trees grow at different rates with most taking years to reach desired maturity. The nineteenth century landscape architect Frederick Law Olmsted designed New York’s Central Park thinking about how the trees he planted would look one hundred years into the future. Make your yard a masterpiece to be enjoyed for generations by following Olmsted’s example.

Remembering these key tips will help give you and your family the yard you’ve always wanted, today, tomorrow, and beyond.    


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