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Damaged Trees Should be Removed for Safety.

Published September 3, 2019 In Storm Cleanup

After Severe Weather Schedule a Check-up for Your Trees

Following a major storm or any patch of severe weather, homeowners should take time to schedule a visit with a trusted arborist to ensure no structural damage has occurred with the trees in their yards. Not only does such a visit provide an opportunity to assure any problematic issues are caught early, but it also ensures that no further damage occurs to the tree itself, not to mention to anything or anyone below.

Even if no damage has occurred, homeowners can take the time to discuss maintenance and preparation their trees and other shrubs for future storms. This may entail trimming, especially if any branches have been identified as being susceptible to wind damage which could then break or fall in the next storm that comes. Also, during a drought it becomes very important for homeowners to track and monitor the health and growth of the trees they have around their house. The same would be true for an especially wet season, where perhaps the trees have been exposed to sustained water exposure at the roots as this can leave a tree waterlogged and open to numerous infections and infestations. Considering how expensive it can be to replace a dead or heavily damaged tree, homeowners need to be proactive in the health and longevity of trees they already have following severe weather from season to season.

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