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Our experts have extensive experience helping property owners just like you help preserve the older trees on their lot so that they may be enjoyed for future generations. In some cases, Austin city codes require that developers preserve trees to the “maximum extent reasonable and feasible”, meaning that certain steps must be taken to keep the natural trees in their place.

Historic Tree

At Hamlin Tree Care, Inc, we have over eight years of experience preserving native Texas trees in Austin and the surrounding areas. Our team can help homebuilders, contractors, and developers shield valuable trees from damage before, during, and after construction projects or renovations. Our team of tree specialists will work alongside your team to make sure the trees are properly protected during the entire process.

Our Tree Preservation Services

When you hire the tree preservation specialists at Hamlin Tree Care, Inc, you can rest assured that your trees are in good hands. Our preservation process includes:

  • Inspection and evaluation by ISA certified arborists to identify which trees are ideal for preservation by condition, location, and age of the tree.
  • Aerate the soil to prevent compaction during construction and renovation
  • Soil protection to minimize contamination during construction
  • Soil reinforcement through paving stones and other materials to prevent accidental excavation
  • Thorough bracing and fencing to effectively protect trees during demolition and construction
  • Continuous hydration to maintain tree health
  • Strategic tree pruning to prevent construction damage (and hazards to construction crews)
  • Post-construction fertilization to promote nutrition and proper tree health

By consulting with an experienced arborist, construction crews can ensure that the beautiful, established trees remain healthy and vibrant on each and every lot they work on. Put our team to work for you to help preserve the aesthetics and monetary value of the property.

How to Preserve the Trees on Your Lot

Property owners are often unsure of how to properly protect the trees on their lot from damage or disease. By following a few simple steps, you can preserve these valuable assets and in turn may: increase your home’s value, cut utility bills by shading the house and blocking wind, and reduce traffic noise. You can ensure that your property’s trees are healthy by:

  • Protecting the bark around the trunk from damage. Don’t let trimmers or mowers damage the tree’s bark.
  • Consider installing a circle of wood chips or wood mulch around the base of the tree to prevent unnecessary damage, insulate the soil around the roots, and improve decaying soil. *Make sure to distribute in an even layer and do not pile the mulch up against the bark of the tree. This can lead to rot and disease.
  • Try not to compact the soil around the base of the tree. Heavy foot traffic and other activity can compact the soil and prevent the roots from getting the water and air that the tree needs.
  • Do not hang things from the branches. Even though rope swings and hammocks seem like a relaxing way to enjoy the trees on your property, ropes and chains can damage the tree’s bark and harm the vital tissue underneath. In addition, the weight can cause stress to the branches and lead to breakage.
  • Remember to water trees during dry seasons. Even large trees need water, so if your property does not experience rainfall for an extended amount of time, take the time to methodically distribute water around the tree’s root zone.
  • Make sure your tree is inspected regularly by a certified arborist. Over time, trees may develop a disease, pests, cracks, rot, or other issues. A certified arborist should inspect your trees every few years to catch potential issues before they cause serious damage.

Benefits of Tree Preservation

There are many benefits to preserving trees on your residential or commercial property, and proper tree preservation takes consideration and evaluation. Planners and engineers should work alongside certified arborists to identify suitable trees to be preserved. By preserving trees on your property, the following benefits are often immediately noticeable, including:

  • Trees provide a natural beauty and enhance the aesthetic character of any property
  • Properly placed trees provide natural shade and can reduce cooling costs
  • Trees can give scale to new buildings and give a look of maturity to new landscaping
  • Natural trees provide a habitat for wildlife

While large, older trees are often the focus of most preservation efforts, young and healthy trees are the best candidates for protection, due to their ability to adapt to new environments and grow new tissue quickly.  That’s why many tree professionals may recommend keeping younger trees due to the potentially higher return on investment.

Contact an Austin Tree Preservation Professional

If you are a property owner, developer, or contractor looking to preserve trees on your home or development project, turn to the tree preservation professionals that other professionals trust and recommend. We are fully insured and have the highest industry certifications to ensure that the job is done right, to exacting specifications. What’s more, our customer service is second-to-none and we are ready to prove why so many people in Austin have chosen us as their preferred tree care professionals.

We know that your landscape and your home are the most important investments you can make, so we commit the highest quality services to each and every one of our customers. For your tree preservation needs, there is no better choice than the professionals at Hamlin Tree Care, Inc. Call us today to discuss your project at (512) 484-0252.

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