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If you have unwanted trees on your property, Hamlin Tree Care, Inc‘s ISA (International Society of Arboriculture) certified arborists can safely and effectively remove full trees. We specializing in trees common to the Austin area, so you can rest assured our team of professionals can efficiently remove any tree from your property. Whether your tree needs to be removed for safety reasons, aesthetic reasons, or to protect other plants and trees on your property, we can help. To learn more about our Austin tree removal services, contact us today at (555) 555-5555.

Why Do Trees Need To Be Removed?

The most immediate threat with trees is property damage. This can come in many forms, the most common being limb damage from trees that reach over rooflines. While tree services can come in and cut back limbs, the whole tree may need to be removed if it is too close to the structure and poses a constant problem. Storms can blow over trees or separate large limbs from the trunk and devastate roofs, and despite all the trimming in the world, they can still deal heavy damage to your property. Sometimes, the damage can come from below, with root structures of nearby trees ruining foundations as the tree grows and matures. Even if your property has not sustained any damage from trees yet, it is a good idea to remove any trees that are too close to buildings for comfort. If you are unsure of whether a tree counts as being too close, one of our arborists can evaluate your property to determine whether removal is necessary.

Diseased trees are another common reason for tree removal. Not only are diseased trees an eyesore and take away from a well planned landscape, they can also spread diseases to other perfectly healthy trees and plants. Much like pruning off a dead part of a plant, it’s a good call to remove problem trees to protect the greater landscape.

Sometimes, trees can just be in the way. Planning on adding a shed, playscape, swimming pool, or other feature to your yard, but a tree is standing in your way? A professional tree removal service is the answer, and can safely remove trees so you can maximize your space.

Why Hire a Tree Service?

Tree removal is a multi-step process that requires a knowledgeable team, specialized equipment, and an understanding of safety protocols that the average person may be unfamiliar with. Simply cutting a tree down with a chainsaw is not the right way to go about removing a tree. Proper planning, such as determining where the tree will fall and cutting the tree into smaller manageable pieces, is a must. Another important factor is the species of tree itself. For example, oaks and maples are much harder woods than elm or cypress, which take different methods to remove.

Here at Hamlin Tree Care, Inc, we can provide you with experienced professionals who have the right equipment, can plan out where the tree will fall, and take the proper procedures to ensure a safe and effective removal of trees based on your needs. These procedures include:

  • Planning removal tree by tree
  • Cutting larger trees down into more manageable pieces
  • Estimating of where the tree might fall
  • Guiding limbs and trunk to fall into a safe, open area away from the property
  • Removing and disposing of the tree
We can do all this without leaving a trace on your property. When you hire us, we will take care not to damage your property in any way. You won’t even be able to tell we were there, apart from the unwanted trees now absent from your yard.

Contact Hamlin Tree Care, Inc

Tree removal is a service that Hamlin Tree Care, Inc takes very seriously, and we are more than happy to consult and discuss your tree removal needs. If we find other solutions available, such as disease management for sick trees, or trimming limbs above houses or power lines, we can do it all and discuss those options with you as well.

Hamlin Tree Care, Inc has been servicing the greater Austin and central Texas areas for almost a decade. Our team of professional ISA certified arborists is knowledgeable of all native and non-native tree species in the area. From tree removal, tree health management, trimming services, to stump removal, all of your tree services needs can be done with Hamlin Tree Care, Inc. Feel free to look around our website for more information or give us a call today at (555) 555-5555.

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