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Caring for and maintaining healthy trees in an urban area all year long requires more than just fertilizing, watering, and trimming. The health of your soil is vital to your trees’ survival. You can ensure your soil is healthy and ready to support a tree’s life with annual soil assessments carried out by a qualified arborist from Hamlin Tree Care, Inc.

By testing the quality of your soil and determining its potential for sustaining life, you can develop an effective soil maintenance program and ensure a beautiful landscape at your home or business for years to come. By understanding the components and characteristics of your soil, you can not only plant the right trees that will thrive in your yard, but also come up with a plan for improving your soil’s health.

Maintaining trees in an urban area is a long-term commitment, and it requires constant care and attention to ensure your trees reach their full potential and thrive. At Hamlin Tree Care, Inc, our tree specialists have a deep understanding of the Austin area and have experience in testing and improving soil quality so that your trees add beauty and value to your property. To learn more about how a skilled arborist can assess and improve your soil, contact us today by calling (512) 484-0252.

How We Can Help

In urban areas, a tree’s growth potential is limited by space and the health of the soil. Unlike trees that grow in natural areas, urban trees often grow in soil that is lacking key nutrients, the right pH balance, and appropriate drainage. A tree specialist can test the soil to evaluate the soil exchange capacity and the quantity of nutrients available. They can also make adjustments or add nutrients to stimulate growth and overall tree health if necessary. A certified arborist can:

  • Complete a soil assessment under appropriate moisture conditions
  • Evaluate soil life, including the number and vibrancy of insects and earthworms
  • Give different assessments to different types of soil
The assessment the arborist gives will check for many things, including that:
  • There is plenty of space between soil crumbles to allow for water and air
  • The soil has good permeability so water can move freely through it and reach the tree’s roots
  • The soil has good water-holding capacity
  • The soil is composed of quality organic matter with appropriate nutrients and pH balance

Assessing the quality of your soil requires the experience and care of a professional. Without properly determining if your soil is healthy and full of nutrients, your trees may not reach their full potential or could get sick and die.

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Maintaining the value trees provide takes an investment in the tree’s life, and this includes testing the quality of the soil to ensure it is providing the ideal growing conditions. The Hamlin Tree Care, Inc specialists can test your soil, determine if there are any problems, and make the necessary adjustments so trees of all sizes and species can thrive. Caring for trees is a full-time job, and our risk assessment experts are here to take care of everything for you. To learn more about how we can assess your soil, contact us today at (512) 484-0252 and talk with a certified specialist about the next steps.

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