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Proper tree care is an ongoing process that must take place over the course of the tree’s life. Although naturally occurring trees grow without any additional aid, trees planted on your private or commercial property are exposed to a variety of different risks that natural trees may not face. Trees in city or suburban areas encounter a number of environmental stresses, such as air, water, and soil pollution, that negatively affect a tree’s health. This means that the trees on your property cannot be as independent and require regular care to ensure that they are healthy. Regular risk assessments are an important step to take in order to keep your trees in their best possible state.

The Austin tree risk assessment specialists at Hamlin Tree Care, Inc understand the signs of tree distress and damage. If we are able to catch problems early, your tree has a better chance sustaining less damage and making a full recovery. We are prepared to work with you to keep your tree healthy for the duration of its life, so that it may be a beautiful part of your landscape for years to come.

Common Tree Risks

Many people to do not think to call an arborist until they see a problem with their trees, whether this is a loss of leaves, discoloration, rot, or other symptoms. By the time there are visible signs of distress on your tree, however, most issues are already in their late stages. Waiting until this point can put your tree at risk of irreversible sickness or death. More importantly, however, sick trees that are allowed to go untreated can pose a serious threat to you, your property, or anyone in the nearby area, as unhealthy trees may lose large branches or even fall.

These problems may be prevented by a tree risk assessment, during which an arborist will look for and discuss:

Each of these elements is necessary to help keep your tree healthy and prevent possible damage to the tree as a whole. With a regular tree risk assessment, you can catch tree problems before they become out of hand and even dangerous.

Contact an Austin Tree Risk Assessment Specialist

Just like any other living creature, trees require examinations and preventative care in order to keep them in their best shape. With the appropriate care, your tree may be able to grow larger, faster, and longer than if left to face the elements alone. The Austin tree care experts at Hamlin Tree Care, Inc understand how important healthy trees are to any landscape design, and we are prepared to work with you keep your trees looking their best. To set up your assessment appointment, contact us at (512) 484-0252 today.

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