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Watering, Mulching, and Fertilizing Instructions

Healthy trees can last a lifetime, making them invaluable investments that the next generation will also get to enjoy. Make sure your investment gets off to a sound start by contacting Hamlin Tree Care, Inc for help with watering, mulching, and fertilizing instructions. The experienced arborists at Hamlin Tree Care, Inc offer the best in tree planting and care services in Austin. Call us today at (512) 484-0252 for help.

After you have transplanted or newly planted your tree, you need to know how to keep it alive. Like any living organism, a tree requires constant care to thrive and grow. To help you understand tree watering, mulching, and fertilizing, the certified arborists at Hamlin Tree Care, Inc have compiled some guidelines for each of these important aspects of tree care.


Exact instructions for watering trees are difficult to give because the amount of water a tree needs depends on many factors, including the temperature, humidity, soil type, and amount of sunshine the tree receives each day. The general guideline is for the soil to become moist, but not soggy. Soil that is allowed to dry out introduces more oxygen into the tree’s roots, so it is important to avoid overwatering. Deep watering on a less frequent basis is also helpful for the tree’s roots because it encourages the roots to push deeper into the soil. A tree with deep roots is better able to withstand wind, storms, and even drought.

The first few summers of a tree’s life are the most crucial; the young tree is expending a large amount of energy to become established, and the heat of summer puts additional stress on the tree. Paying close attention to your new tree’s watering needs during its first few summers will result in a healthier and happier tree for years to come.


A vital, yet often overlooked, way to help your newly planted tree thrive is by using mulch. Available in many forms, mulch is essentially any material that is used as a soil cover. It can come in organic forms, such as a mixture of decomposed plants, or it can come in man-made forms, such as small rubber pieces designed to look like bark chips.

The benefits of mulch include the following:

  • Insulating the soil to help avoid extreme temperature changes that adversely affect the roots
  • Increasing the water supply for the roots by retaining water that then keeps the tree roots moist and by eliminating evaporation of water in hot or dry climates
  • Preventing the growth of weeds that compete for water and soil nutrients
  • Reducing the risk of damage by a lawn mower by creating a protective perimeter around the tree trunk

After you plant and water your new tree, you should spread a 3-4-inch layer of mulch around the tree’s trunk, being careful not to let the mulch actually touch the trunk itself. The mulch should create a 3-foot-wide diameter around the trunk. Doing this immediately after planting will reduce transplant shock and help the tree adapt more easily to its new surroundings.


Trees cannot live on water alone. They need an array of nutrients that healthy soil can provide, but if those nutrients are not replenished as the trees extract them, the soil will become barren.

Trees can be harmed by improper fertilization, so it is wise to get expert help. For instance, newly planted shade trees should not be fertilized until the end of their second spring or they can develop root burn. Consulting a certified arborist about fertilization can help you avoid root burn and the other common pitfalls of fertilizing trees.

Do I Need an Arborist?

Working with nature isn’t always easy. No two plants are exactly alike, and ideal weather conditions rarely exist. Successful landscaping requires experience, knowledge, and the passion to persevere no matter what each season brings. A certified local arborist like the ones at Hamlin Tree Care, Inc can provide the services that are essential to beautiful, long-lasting trees. We know everyone is busy and may not have the time they want to devote to their trees and yards. Enlisting the help of a dedicated arborist can relieve you of the constant upkeep that trees require.

Why Choose Hamlin Tree Care, Inc?

At Hamlin Tree Care, Inc, we are passionate about bringing people and plants together. For almost a decade, we have seen how our clients’ quality of life is greatly improved when they have a beautiful landscape. We know that trees are the most significant investment you can make in your landscaping. Treat that investment with the care it deserves, and it will yield amazing results for years to come. Call us today at (512) 484-0252 for watering, mulching, and fertilizing instructions. We’re here to help make sure your trees stay healthy all year long.

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