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Have you noticed leaves that appear to be bronzed or bleached on your trees? Have you found unexplained dark tar on tree limbs? If so, your tree may be affected by stipplers. Stipplers feed on the underside of leaves, causing them to rot and fall. These pests cause trees a great deal of stress and damage. The harm caused by stipplers combined with air pollution and unhealthy soil that trees face in cities can be enough to greatly compromise your trees’ health. If you think your trees may be affected by stipplers, be sure to call Hamlin Tree Care, Inc at (555) 555-5555. Our certified Austin stippler management specialists can provide a thorough assessment of the problem and manage the stipplers without damaging your trees in the process.

Do I Need a Tree Care Specialist?

Hiring a qualified and experienced team of tree specialists is important for a number of reasons. Without experience, tree pruning, tree removal, and pest management can be very dangerous. Our specialists are certified arborists with years of expertise in treating damaged trees. Furthermore, our team has extensive knowledge of Austin’s trees, insects, and soil. We remove pests and prune trees carefully to do as little damage to your tree as possible. Without this knowledge about the proper way to tackle a problem, it is easy to end up causing more health problems for your trees in the long run. Safety and experience aside, our service works so that your trees can be healed without disrupting your schedule. No need to waste a weekend in the front yard; Hamlin Tree Care, Inc has you covered.

Why Choose Us?

When it comes to diagnosing and fixing a stippler problem, Hamlin Tree Care, Inc is Austin’s number one choice. We have multiple specialists certified by the International Society of Arboriculture, the highest industry standard. Certified by the ISA, our team is up to date on all tree care practices, and we always stand by a code of ethics to ensure customer satisfaction.

Our team is also fully bonded and insured for your protection. It is critical that you never hire uninsured arborists to handle tree care projects. This puts you at great financial risk because you could be held liable for any injuries uninsured workers sustain on your property.

On top of insect management, our services include tree pruning, removal, installation, and inspection. We can also repair storm damage and give risk assessments. We offer all of this to commercial and residential properties alike.

What Are Stipplers?

Stipplers are a common tree pest. Throughout central Texas, there are two main types of stipplers. The first is the lace bug, which can be found on Sycamore, Hackberry, Oak, and Walnut trees. These can be identified by their flat, lacy wings. They leave behind dark tar excrement on trees while feeding.

The second type of stippler is the spider mite, which is very small and hard to spot. If you notice telltale webbing in the small branches and leaves of your tree, it may be evidence of their activity. Spider mites most commonly feed on Oaks, Italian Cyprus, and Arborvitae trees, but they can infect other trees as well.

Trees affected by stipplers will often have bronzed or bleached leaves with small holes in them. Stippler damage causes leaves to fall and results in trees that are unable to absorb a healthy amount of sunlight. In the long run, this causes stunted growth in trees and can greatly reduce your tree’s lifespan. Combine the effects of stipplers with other stresses present in cities, and your tree could face life-threatening damage. If you see these critters crawling around on your trees, be sure to contact Hamlin Tree Care, Inc immediately to prevent further damage.

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If you believe that your tree is infested with stipplers, the team of certified arborists at Hamlin Tree Care, Inc has the tools and expertise to help restore your tree’s health as quickly as possible. We pledge to leave no trace while working on your property. Out of respect for our customers, we take steps to ensure that our heavy machinery does not damage your soil or landscaping. Besides the healthy, thriving trees that we leave behind, you’ll never know we were there.

Contact the Austin tree pest and disease specialists at Hamlin Tree Care, Inc at (555) 555-5555 today so we can address your stippler problem and nurse your trees back to health. The sooner we get started, the more we can do to protect your investments and prevent further stippler damage.

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