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If you need to remove galls and gall makers from your trees, contact Hamlin Tree Care, Inc for help. Galls are unusual growths created by certain insects that live in your trees. If you have noticed strange balls, spikes, or other deformities on your trees, they may be infested by gall makers. While galls do not always inherently harm your trees, they can be very unsightly, so you may want to consider having your trees evaluated and the gall makers removed. If you suspect your trees are infested with gall makers, contact Hamlin Tree Care, Inc today by calling (512) 484-0252. We are qualified tree care specialists, and we are ready to save the appearance of your trees.

What Are Gall Makers?

If you have noticed abnormal growths on any part of your tree, then you are likely witnessing the work of gall makers. Galls are essentially tumors that form on a plant from a variety of insects, such as plant mites, gall midges, and gall wasps. The galls act as homes for the insects, but on a tree, they look like unsightly deformities that you should treat to preserve the beauty of your tree. Galls can vary in size, shape, and color, depending on the insect making it. Sometimes they manifest as curling on leaves while other times they can develop into large pouches on a branch or trunk. Gall makers only inhabit a limited type of trees. The most common trees afflicted by them include oaks and willows. Often, gall makers emerge from their dormant sleep during the winter and attack emerging buds on trees in the spring. Galls can form on the leaves, twigs, or branches of a tree.

The four most common types of gall makers include:

  • Plant mites: These microscopic organisms form galls on trees when they are still larvae. Their galls may look like deformities on leaves or pouches they make for surviving the winter.
  • Gall wasps: These are the most common gall makers on oaks. They are also called Cynipids and are essentially wasp larvae.
  • Aphids/plant lice: These insects suck on their hosts and create elaborate galls that they nest in before attacking buds in the spring.
  • Gall midges: The maggot larvae of gall midges form galls that they use for winter havens before emerging in the spring.

While many galls do not actually harm the health of your trees, it can still vastly improve the look of your property to remove the galls and gall makers from your trees.

Do I Need a Tree Care Specialist?

Because there are over 1500 species of gall makers, enlisting the help of a certified arborist is the best way to determine which gall-producing organism is afflicting your tree. Homeowners who try to treat gall makers on their own generally experience low rates of success. The most effective treatment of galls is having a professional tree care specialist spray the affected tree after diagnosing it. Though some galls are harmless to trees, virtually every type of gall is an unsightly deformity that ruins your trees’ beauty. To protect your investment in your trees, the specialists at Hamlin Tree Care, Inc will quickly eradicate the gall makers in your yard before they cause irreversible damage.

Most of us take our trees’ health for granted, not giving much thought to what they need to stay healthy and beautiful. When a tree becomes sickly, however, you will want to do all that you can to help it recover and flourish again. Just as you call the doctor to diagnose and cure your body when you become sick, you need to call a qualified tree care specialist to help your tree fight what is afflicting it.

Why Choose Us?

At Hamlin Tree Care, Inc, we have been providing the best tree care in Austin for nearly ten years. We know trees, and we take them seriously. That’s why we have ISA-certified arborists on our staff, to ensure that your trees get the precise type of care that will best fit the situation. We also value customer service at Hamlin Tree Care, Inc. We will do everything we can to ensure that you know what we’re doing to your trees and why. The combination of our skills, professionalism, and communication make us the best tree care service in town.

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