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Have you spotted small holes in the trunk of your trees? Have you noticed saw dust flaking on and around your trees? If so, your tree may be affected by pests known as borers. Borers feed on the nutrients of trees and nest within tree trunks, causing trees a great deal of stress and harm. The damage caused by borers can compromise tree health, especially when combined with the air pollution and unhealthy soil that trees often face in cities like Austin. If it seems like your trees may be affected by borers, make sure to call Hamlin Tree Care, Inc at (555) 555-5555 as quickly as you can. Our team of certified arborists has the experience to properly assess the health of your trees and remove borer infestations without causing any extra damage in the process.

Do I Need a Tree Care Specialist?

Certified tree care specialists are a smart investment for several reasons. The most important reason to hire an expert is for your safety. Without properly understanding your tree’s health status, pest management, tree pruning, and tree removal can be dangerous endeavors. This is true of borer management especially, as borers can cause healthy looking trees to break at the base. The specialists at Hamlin Tree Care, Inc are certified arborists. We possess years of experience treating infested trees.

The second reason concerns the knowledge necessary to address these problems adequately. Our team has extensive knowledge of the trees, insects, and soil specific to the Austin area. Because of this, we are able to remove pests and prune trees without adding to the stress your trees are facing. Without this knowledge, it is easy to over-prune or use chemicals that end up doing more harm than good for trees in the long run. Safety and experience aside, our service exists so that pests are taken care of without any extra hassle. No need for you to work in the front yard all weekend; Hamlin Tree Care, Inc has you covered.

Why Choose Us?

The hard work we put in for customers on and off the field has earned us a great reputation across central Texas. We have multiple tree care specialists certified by the International Society of Arboriculture, the highest industry standard. Because our team is certified by the ISA, we are continually up to date on new trends and field practices. Being recognized by the ISA also means we stand by a code of ethics that ensures customer satisfaction.

For the protection of our workers and clients, we are fully bonded and insured. Hiring uninsured contractors for tree care projects puts you at great financial risk, as you could be held liable for any injuries they sustain on your property. We insure our team so everyone involved can enjoy peace of mind.

We perform a wide array of tree care services apart from just pest management. This includes tree pruning, removal, installation, and inspection. We can also perform risk assessments and repair trees after storm damage. All of this is offered to commercial and residential properties alike.

What Are Borers?

Borers are insects that burrow into the trunks of trees to feed and nest. They are among the most damaging of all the tree pests, as heavy infestations can cause trees to sustain substantial damage and even die. There are four main borers that trees may be exposed to in Austin.

The cottonwood borer is a large black and yellow insect. Larvae feed on tree roots and can eat through several inches in a relatively short period of time. Large infestations can cause trees to break at the base.

Redheaded ash borers attack dying trees of all kinds. They are known by a striking red and yellow coloration. When these pests burrow, they cause sawdust to flake and form around trees.

The emerald ash borer is new to the United States, as it arrived from China during transit in the 1990’s. These insects have since spread across the northwest United States and are expected to arrive in Texas in the coming years. Their larvae tunnel under bark and can kill a tree if left untreated.

The last borer is the emerald ash borer. They are known by the unique “D” shape they leave when burrowing. Woodpeckers and other birds often follow these insects, looking to feed. This causes the damage to compound as birds chip away at the bark on tree trunks.

Whatever kind of borer infestation you are experiencing, our team at Hamlin Tree Care, Inc can take care of it and save your trees.

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The team of certified insect and disease management specialists at Hamlin Tree Care, Inc has the knowledge and experience to remove borer infestations and prevent further damage. In accordance with our customer service values, we make sure to leave no trace of our work on your property. Our team takes time and care to ensure that our heavy machinery does not damage soil or landscaping. Besides the trees, no one will know we visited.

If your trees are showing signs of a borer infestation, call Hamlin Tree Care, Inc as soon as you can to tackle the infestation. Contact us at (555) 555-5555 today, and we will begin the process of nursing your trees back to health. The sooner we get started, the more we can do to protect your property investments and prevent further harm.

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