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Gardeners know how much of a headache certain animals can be and therefore take measures to protect their flowers and vegetables from hungry critters. Tree owners must be equally vigilant. Understanding which types of animals can harm trees is the first step to protecting your trees’ health.

Trees are long-term investments that add critical structure and beauty to a landscape. To keep your trees looking and feeling their best, it’s best to keep your eyes open for harmful animals that can cause irreversible damage to the roots, branches, or leaves of your trees. The good news is that there are local arborists who have the knowledge and experience to not only help you figure out which animals are detrimental to your trees, but also how to successfully fend them off. Contact Hamlin Tree Care, Inc today at (512) 484-0252 to schedule an evaluation with our ISA-certified tree care specialists and enlist the help of Austin’s best tree experts.

Types of Animals That Harm Trees

You may be surprised to find out how many animals can threaten the health of your trees. We tend to overlook our trees and focus more on edible plants when we think of guarding against animals. There are unfortunately many critters, though, that view trees as prime feasting, including:

  • Rabbits: Especially during colder months, rabbits love to eat a woody diet and can damage trees by stripping the bark off the lower trunk or branches. You can usually determine if rabbits are the culprit of your trees’ damage by the teeth marks left behind and by whether or not the stems are cut off at a forty-five-degree angle.
  • Rats: These large rodents damage tree roots with the repetitive paths they tend to make in yards. They also like to gnaw holes into trees for shelter. An easy sign that you are being visited by rats is the presence of droppings.
  • Opossum: If you have fruit trees, you may have to watch out for possums. They love to eat the fruit off of trees and will leave behind harmful claw marks on the trees, as well as nests in roots that are above the ground.
  • Bats: Though bats can be helpful by reducing the population of troublesome insects, they can also be harmful by what they leave behind. If you find powerfully smelling scat in your yard, it may be from bats and may contain harmful parasites that invade trees and cause decay.
  • Raccoons: Another creature that leaves behind claw marks on your trees are raccoons. These critters love to raid fruit trees and also enjoy digging through mulch for grubs. If you find the mulch around your trees disturbed, you may have a raccoon on your hands.
  • Deer: Perhaps one of the most common animals that come to mind when we think of uninvited guests in our yard is deer. These beautiful creatures are nonetheless a problem for trees when they gnaw their branches or bark. Deer leave behind ragged edges where they chew, and are often noticed by yard owners due to their large size.
  • Moles: Moles are rarely visible to most homeowners. They live underground and cause heavy damage to tree roots by tunneling and by feeding on the roots themselves.

A tree care specialist who understands the pests that are common to the Austin area can help you identify the animal pests you may be dealing with. They can then help you formulate a plan for fending off these creatures.

Do I Need a Tree Care Specialist?

Though recognizing the signs of animal damage to your trees is the first step to fixing the problem, the steps that follow are more difficult to handle on your own. Tree care specialists can help you determine a course of action that will effectively eliminate the problematic animals in your yard without causing damage to the surrounding plants and trees. There are many promises out there of miracle cures to ward off any animal, but the surest way to avoid wasting your money or time is to seek professional help of the local arborists at Hamlin Tree Care, Inc who are familiar with common animals in the Austin area.

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The ISA-certified arborists at Hamlin Tree Care, Inc are available to meet all of your tree-related needs. Our insect and disease management team can help you quickly diagnose and fully treat your trees, no matter the season. Whether you are taking care of existing trees or choosing and planting new trees, you can rely on the knowledge and experience of our local arborists to help you have the most beautiful trees possible.

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Your trees are investments of time and money that you want to preserve. The sooner you notice problems afflicting your trees, the easier it will be to treat the problem. If you suspect that your trees are being harmed by animals, don’t hesitate to call the insect and disease management team at Hamlin Tree Care, Inc today. Contact us at (512) 484-0252 and find out why we are the premier tree planting and tree care services in Austin.

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