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Lake Travis Tree Care

If you live in the Lake Travis area, you know that there is a natural beauty unlike anything else in Texas. From the green hills to the gorgeous panorama of the lake, every year thousands of people flock to the area to camp, swim, and enjoy the wildlife. There is a lot to love about this area, and as a resident, you want to make sure that you are doing your part in maintaining its natural beauty.

At Hamlin Tree Care, Inc we have made it our mission to help property owners in the Lake Travis area maintain their trees and keep them healthy for generations to come. Since tree care can be laborious, tedious, and sometimes dangerous, we want to stress that tree maintenance should never be attempted alone. Without the proper training and safety equipment, nothing is protecting an amateur arborist from a falling branch or other hazards. When it comes to caring for your trees, it is wise to leave it to a certified arborist.

Since we are certified as professional arborists by the International Society of Arborists (or ISA), we are recognized as one of the trusted names in tree care in the Lake Travis area. With almost a decade of experience, we know what it means to take care your trees and shrubs. Proper tree care has been linked to reducing one’s carbon footprint, benefiting the local community, and even raising one’s property value! Call Hamlin Tree Care, Inc today at (555) 555-5555 to ensure your trees stay healthy for generations to come.

Do I Need a Tree Care Specialist?

If you live in the Lake Travis area and have at least one tree on your property, you need to make sure that it is taken care of. Trees don’t always wear their problems on their bark. Often there could be underlying problems lurking in their core or root system that would go unnoticed without the meticulously trained eye of a tree care specialist.

An experienced tree care specialist will inspect the trees on your property and can recommend a course of action for caring for old or damaged trees.  If a tree is leaning near your house or if there is a particularly low-hanging branch, you will want to make sure that the problem is taken care of as quickly as possible. Even if there are no visible signs of damage, having a tree care specialists inspect the trees on your property to detect any signs of future hazards like a rotting root system.

Why Should I Choose Hamlin Tree Care, Inc?

As an extension of your home, you want an arborist that you trust taking care of your trees. We are one of the most reliable names in tree care in Lake Travis and throughout the greater Austin area. Hamlin Tree Care, Inc has almost a decade of experience in helping maintain and grow beautiful trees.

The happy clients that we’ve worked for will tell you that providing excellent customer service is one of our core values. Valuing integrity above all else, we strive to provide effective communication and the utmost quality of care for our clients. Our mission is to utilize our vast knowledge of trees and the diseases that threaten them to help keep your trees healthy and looking gorgeous all year long.

Types of Tree & Shrubbery Services We Offer

When it comes to the natural environment of the Lake Travis area, we understand that delicate care and attention needs to be given to every tree. Texas has such a wild and diverse environment. As such, there is a wide variety of challenges that come with caring for the trees here in Central Texas. With the experience we have accumulated over the years, we have the expertise to take care of any tree in any yard. A list of the broad range of services we offer in tree and shrubbery care include:

  • Tree Trimming and Pruning: Trimming and pruning are perhaps one of the most important aspects of tree care out there. In order to keep branch and limb growth in check, regular trimming is vital to keep a tree beautiful.
  • Tree Removal: Sometimes a tree needs to be removed from a yard to mitigate further risks. It could be plagued with disease or leaning too close to a home or structure threatening to collapse.
  • Stump Grinding and Removal: Stumps are an eyesore to have in one’s yard. They are also a tripping hazard and a potential home to pests and insects. Removing them requires heavy equipment to dig up their deepest roots.
  • Tree Health Care: It is vital to keep your trees inspected thoroughly to identify and treat any potential risks to their health. It is more cost effective to address a problem at its root than to treat it after it has done damage to your tree and yard.
  • Tree Installation: The umbrella term of tree installation includes adding new trees and shrubbery or the act of transplanting them to a new location. Having planned out tree placement can affect one’s yard in a variety of positive ways.
  • Tree Preservation: There is a lot of care and time that goes into making sure that a tree can live for generations, so make sure that your older trees are regularly inspected and are taken care of.
  • Storm Damage: Storm damage can become a significant headache for any homeowner. There is often a significant amount of refuse piled up that needs to be cleared, downed trees over the yard, and unfortunate damage. Nobody should have to pick up after a storm alone.
  • Tree Inspections: Regular tree control can help curb any potential problems before they can take root. The best part of a tree inspector’s job is to give the tree owner a peace of mind that the plant is thriving.
  • Insect & Disease Management: The telltale sign that one’s tree has a tree disease or infestation can be leaf and color loss. That being said many trees don’t show obvious symptoms until a particular disease has already destroyed a significant amount of the tree.

No matter what the aspect of tree maintenance your project is, there are inherent risks. Having an experienced arborist working for you reduces the risk of incidents to nearly zero. Also, the benefit of having someone with the trained eye of an arborist is vital to isolate and treat any small problems before they develop.

What Kinds of Infections Are My Trees at Risk For?

Several different diseases can affect a tree here in Central Texas. They range from bacterial to fungal, with dozens in between. Oak wilt, in particular, was a fungal infection that is spread across 21 states and has hit home in Austin. In fact, in 1988 the Austin Parks and Recreation Department recognized that this infection was such an epidemic that they launched the Oak Wilt Suppression Project to help inform citizens and ward off potential breakouts of disease.

The City of Austin Urban Forestry Program has put out a comprehensive list of Common Tree Pests & Diseases of Central Texas. This outlines the different insect species that fall under the basic categories of Stipplers, Sucker, Chewers, Gall Makers, and Borers that tend to inhabit trees. They also identified the different bacteria and fungus infections prone to Texas trees. As well as Oak Wilt there is a disease known as Bacterial Leaf Scorch or BLS. BLS is known for restricting the flow of water from the root system up to the leaves.

Knowing what kind of infection your tree is experiencing can help the expedite the process for an arborist to treat it. But it’s not always necessary. Most infections take months for symptoms to appear and if left too long can permanently damage the tree.

The Beauty of the Lake Travis Area

The real estate ranking website Niche called the Lake Travis area the fourth best place to live in Austin. Against the entire state of Texas the Lake Travis area was the 75th out of the 1,887 suburbs ranked. Being recognized statewide is an honor for our city. As such it is our responsibility as Lake Travis citizens to maintain the beauty of the local ecosystem. Formally the Lake Travis area is comprised of the residential areas covered by the Lake Travis Independent School District. This connects our community on a familial level. In fact, the Lake Travis Chamber of Commerce’s stated mission is to “Develop Western Travis County and South Lake Travis as its own unique identity.” When it comes to carving out an identity for a region, the first place to start is in the environment. Maintaining the health of the beautiful natural landscape of the Lake Travis area has already earned us the recognition we believe our community deserves.

Hire a Trusted Lake Travis Tree Care Specialist

If you have trees in your yard that haven’t been inspected in a while, it is a good idea to contact an experienced arborist. There could be potential hazards and problems developing under the bark of your trees that may cost you thousands in the long run or may cause permanent damage to or the death of your trees. Don’t attempt dangerous maintenance alone, turn to the experts who will handle the tough work on your behalf. At Hamlin Tree Care, Inc we understand that a tree is more than a tree, it is an extension of your home. When it comes to maintaining a healthy natural environment, a yard full of healthy trees is the first step. Call us today at (555) 555-5555 so we can get started on getting you the beautiful trees you deserve.

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