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Trees can save a lot of money in energy costs.

Published August 13, 2019 In Benefits of Trees

How Trees Can Help Lower Utility Costs

When considering what changes should be done to your yard, many of us consider the general curb appeal and aesthetics the trees we have, or want to have, offer to our homes. However, there are many other considerations as well. From improved privacy to a treehouse for the kids, the trees in our yards offer something precious and valuable, not to mention their exchanging carbon dioxide into pure oxygen. But the trees in our yards also offer a benefit we usually don’t sit down and try to quantify.

The shade trees provide can affect the cooling costs of a home or building by as much as 30% and save as much as 50% of the energy that otherwise would be needed for heating. These two facts alone should not only figure into the landscape design of homes, but for businesses as well and beyond. And it should be noted that this doesn’t mean you have to convert your yard into a thicket or forest. As little as three deciduous trees planted along the eastern side of your home can save upwards of 30% percent in overall energy costs for a family and/or business.

There is of course the matter of deciding what trees to plant, how fast they will grow and what kind of maintenance they will need, but take the guesswork out of it by speaking to local, certified arborists who answer all these questions for you and tell you what is best for your needs. Trees strategically planted to shade windows, doorways, sidewalks and even air conditioning units themselves are crucial in keeping energy costs down and you and your family cooler and more comfortable.

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