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Central Texas Trees Dormant Seasons

There are a variety of trees found in Central Texas. The vast land with varying climates allows for a plethora of species to thrive in in the region, each requiring different levels of care and treatment. Pruning, one service offered by Hamlin Tree Care, Inc, is one of many ways to take care of a tree. It removes dead, decayed, or diseased parts of the tree to allow the rest of the tree to grow stronger and remain healthier. Pruning dead or decayed branches keep insects and other pests away from the healthier parts, and allows more nutrients to be directed to the rest of the tree. Clearing out a dense canopy allows more sunlight and air to reach the leaves of the tree, which helps it grow outward as well as upward. Overall, pruning benefits the tree in a multitude of ways, allowing it to grow stronger and bigger.

However, like many other treatment methods for plants, pruning must be done in the right season, or it could harm rather than help the tree. The proper season to prune a tree depends on the type and species, as each tree has a different dormant season. In most cases, a tree’s dormant season is in the middle of winter when insects and diseases are generally less able to reach the trees and adversely affect them, but this is not always true. Contact a tree care expert from Hamlin Tree Care, Inc at (512) 484-0252 for more information regarding their pruning service or to find out when the best time to prune your tree would be.

The Best Time to Prune

It is important to note that each tree can only tolerate certain amounts of pruning. Trees with a low tolerance for pruning generally don’t need to be pruned unless they have dead or decaying branches, and it may be harmful to prune them otherwise. Trees with a moderate tolerance for pruning can have about one-third of their canopy pruned, which will allow bigger, stronger branches to grow and a more controlled shape for the tree. Most trees and plants should be pruned in late winter or early spring before trees get sappy, as that is the typical dormant season for most plants. Each tree has its own specific needs, so it’s important to remain informed and ready to learn when taking care of trees, or even contact a professional in cases of uncertainty. For simplicity’s’ sake, we’ve compiled a list of common trees found in central Texas, and listed their respective dormant seasons next to them to give a quick layout of when the best pruning season for your tree may be:

Tree Name Tree Type Pruning Season Pruning Tolerance
Arizona Cypress Evergreen Late Winter/Early Spring Low
Anacacho Orchid Deciduous Any Time Moderate
Bald Cypress Deciduous Late Winter/ Early Spring Low
Bigtooth Maple Deciduous Late Winter/Early Spring Low
Bur Oak Deciduous Late Winter/Early Spring Low
Carolina Buckthorn Deciduous November-February Moderate
Carolina Cherry Laurel Evergreen Early Spring High
Cedar Elm Deciduous Fall/Winter Moderate
Desert Willow Deciduous Winter High
Live Oak Evergreen Winter Low
Mesquite Deciduous Winter/Early Fall Low
Mexican White Oak Semi-Evergreen Winter Low
Pecan Deciduous Late Winter/Early Spring Moderate
Texas Ash Deciduous Winter Moderate
Texas Persimmon Deciduous Winter Low
Texas Redbud Deciduous Early Spring/Mid Summer Moderate
Texas Red Oak Deciduous Winter Low
Mexican Sycamore Deciduous Winter Moderate
Yaupon Holly Evergreen Winter Moderate

In the case of many evergreen trees, it’s important to keep a lookout for mistletoe as they are the most susceptible to attracting them. Although often a Christmas symbol, mistletoe are parasites and sap water and nutrients from their host tree, making the branches they grow on weaker and eventually crippled of nutrients and should be removed as soon as they are detected. Different types of trees have their own general characteristics, and it’s important to be informed on each kind of tree you are trying to take care of in order to treat it as effectively as possible. We at Hamlin Tree Care, Inc specialize in tree pruning and trimming and want to help you achieve your landscaping goals.

Contact a Professional Today

It is always recommended that a trained expert take on any task regarding the care of trees, especially one as complex as pruning. Trees such as prized live oaks should be cared for and treasured, as they can live for hundreds of years if maintained properly. For both your safety and the safety of your prized plant life, it’s best to contact a professional like the ones who have been a part of the community for eight years at Hamlin Tree Care, Inc. Trees are living things and require specific techniques and methods, oftentimes requiring professional attention. Pruning is not only just to remove dead branches or disease, but also for aesthetic purposes, safety reasons, or even clean up after storms. The Hamlin Tree Care, Inc team is very well equipped to take every one of these tasks on. Tree pruning is essential for making sure dead branches from trees don’t fall and injure people or property, making sure trees don’t get tangled in power lines and cause trouble, and making sure the tree remains balanced and growing evenly so as the whole thing does not begin tipping over.

Our services are not limited to trees but extend to shrubs and hedges, which require maintenance about twice annually in order to remain in good health and looking beautiful. Trimming is necessary to maintain the health of your shrubs and hedges and key to achieving the landscaping look you desire. Our professionals at Hamlin Tree Care, Inc are committed to providing the best landscaping aesthetic possible to our clients. For a full list of the services we offer, contact Hamlin Tree Care, Inc at (512) 484-0252 today, where we hope to be able to provide you with our top-notch services.

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