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Austin Tree Inspection

If you are looking for high-quality, fully insured tree inspection services, the professionals at Hamlin Tree Care, Inc are prepared to help you.  We offer full-service tree inspections and our ISA certified arborist is prepared to help diagnose potential problems with your valued trees before any issues arise.

Tree Inspections

Unfortunately, many people do not realize the importance of regular inspections (we recommend every few years) for the trees on their property. In fact, there’s more to tree ownership than the occasional watering and raking up leaves during the change of season. One of these truly critical steps of tree care that you may be missing out on, are regular inspections. A timely inspection can prevent your tree and, by extension, your yard from getting a disease or falling prey to pests and can stop your trees from succumbing to either. If you’ve recently installed a tree or grafted two trees together, an inspection can help you evaluate whether the trees are taking to the soil or to each other. Preventing stress is just as much a job for an inspector as preventing disease, and both problems are difficult to detect without a keen and trained eye.

This is where the team at Hamlin Tree Care, Inc come in. Just as you would never trust your or your family’s health to anyone but the best, you shouldn’t try to hire an inspector with little experience or qualifications. Trees are costly and difficult to move; don’t let all of that hard work go to waste! Your tree should be the centerpiece of your yard for years to come, providing you and your home with shade and giving back to the environment with clean air and a home for many native Austin critters. Regular inspections can keep your tree happy and healthy by avoiding dangerous diseases and can catch infestations while they’re still early. The specialists at Hamlin Tree Care, Inc can help you maintain your tree and protect your long-term investment.

What an Inspector Looks For

When you hire an inspector, you’re not just asking someone to find obvious signs of a problem. An inspector will be able to look closely at your tree for a large number of problems, many of which share similar symptoms. Here are some of the things a Hamlin Tree Care, Inc specialist will look for:

  • Pests that have taken up residence in or around your trees. Some bugs are healthy for the tree and help to pollinate it and the rest of your yard. A trained specialist will be able to tell the difference between a dangerous infestation in your tree and a healthy bug population. Oftentimes, what seems like a normal bug presence may turn into an infestation if not quickly identified and closely monitored, which a certified arborist can help you with. Much larger creatures than bugs, like squirrels or other animals, are also hard to identify as pests because they naturally make their homes in trees all the time. A certified arborist can help you identify when the relationship has become parasitic or has the potential to be.
  • Diseases that are more common to central Texas. Trees can get a range of diseases that are caused by a fungus, bacteria, and in extremely rare cases, viruses. Some of the more common diseases in Austin include oak wilt, which attacks any type of oak tree; hypoxylon canker, which attacks many native Texas trees and kills them quickly; bacteria leaf scorch, which slows water flow within the tree; and fire blight, which mostly attacks fruit trees. An Austin-based inspector knows exactly when trees are most susceptible to these types of diseases and may catch symptoms early or distinguish symptoms between two diseases.
  • Fatal pollution amounts surrounding the tree and overcrowding. Austin-based living comes with a host of pollution problems caused by living in such a high-population urban hub. This pollution can come from the soil, the water that you put on the trees, and the air itself. An inspector can determine whether you have a tree that is sturdy enough to withstand the levels of pollution surrounding it, or if the tree should be moved or completely taken down. If your lawn is overcrowded, your trees may be competing for a small supply of healthy soil, air, and water components and this may contribute to the overall health of multiple trees. An inspector will be able to suggest a change in organization or the outright removal of your trees.

Tree Inspection FAQs

Although many cases of inspection and further action are very dependant on specifics, there are a few questions about tree inspection that can be answered right away. These include:

Why should I get an inspection if my tree looks fine?

Most of the time, if your tree is visibly suffering from an infliction or you’re noticing significant symptoms, whatever is harming your tree is in its late stages. This doesn’t necessarily mean that your tree is inevitably going to die at this point and you would still massively benefit from an inspection, but your goal should be to avoid reaching this point. The only reliable way of doing that is to get regular inspections and follow any instructions given to you by the arborist who looks at your tree.

Should I get my tree inspected before pruning or removing it?

While it is a good idea to get your tree inspected to check for rotting branches, bug infestations, and other diseases that could spread to the rest of your yard before you remove part or all of a tree, you should never take this task upon yourself. If your tree is healthy, an improper pruning could end up killing the tree or hurting you or family members in the case a branch or the tree falls where you didn’t expect it. If you’re concerned about removing your tree or pruning it, contact a professional with Hamlin Tree Care, Inc instead.

How often should I get my tree inspected?

It’s generally recommended that you get your tree inspected once every three to four years. If your tree shows immediate signs of a disease, pest, or stress problem, you should contact an inspector immediately, but if you’ve just installed a tree or it’s been growing at a healthy rate for a few years in your yard, you should hire an arborist from Hamlin Tree Care, Inc to make sure your tree stays on the right track for a long, healthy life.

Contact an Austin Tree Inspector

When you’re dealing with the particulars of Austin bugs, animals, trees, and environment, you should trust no other than your friendly Austin neighbors at Hamlin Tree Care, Inc. We have nearly a decade of experience working with local trees and problems and will be able to identify any problem your trees may have, either current or future. Contact us at (512) 484-0252 to speak to a friendly, qualified Austin tree arborist under the direction of an ISA certified professional.

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