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Hamlin Tree Care, Inc has nearly a decade of experience in commercial tree care, performing services from trimming and pruning to insect and disease management. Whether you manage a sizeable multi-building complex or a single site, there is no property too small or too large for us to care for. We take a customized, tailored approach for each of our commercial properties to ensure that your business has an attractive and safe landscape while minimizing costs and reducing unexpected accidents. Contact our commercial tree care specialists at (512) 484-0252 today.

If you own or manage a business that has a physical site, you understand just how crucial it is to make sure things look orderly and appealing. Potential customers can be repelled by an unattractive storefront just like apartment residents can be displeased by overgrown shrubbery. Having a property that is visually pleasing is only half the battle, though. You also have a responsibility to keep the area safe. If a tree collapses around your business and injures someone, you will certainly face bad press—and maybe even a court case.

There are many reasons to provide your clients, tenants, and guests a safe and beautiful property, and you should never hire an inexperienced or apathetic crew to do the work. Whether you need a tree moved, braches or a stump removed or trimming and pruning; you can count on Hamlin Tree Care, Inc to handle the task. Without proper training, experience, and equipment, a simple trimming operation may turn into a perilous situation. At Hamlin Tree Care, Inc, our arborists have been certified by the International Society of Arborist (ISA), which means we have the experience and skills that you can trust. Our tree care specialists have extensive knowledge in the art and sciences of planting, caring for, and maintaining trees. Our commercial tree services are designed to take care of your commercial property and remove the worry and hassle from your plate. We know that managing commercial property is a demanding job, so let us take the burden of maintaining the trees on your property off of your hands.

At Hamlin Tree Care, Inc, we understand the commercial importance of arboreal beauty, maintenance, and safety. Our skilled, hardworking team of specialists is prepared to handle all of your tree care needs. From basic risk assessment to thorough storm damage cleanup, we’ve got you covered.

Commercial Tree Services

We are proud to offer a wide variety of tree care services to our commercial clients. Our team has the professional-grade equipment and the hauling capability to beautify even the most overgrown or damaged property. Our speedy tree care specialists know that, for your business, time is money. We will work closely with you to realize your vision in a timely, efficient manner.

  • Trimming and Pruning – Trimming and pruning are essential for the general upkeep of your trees. Not only does trimming pruning decrease the potential risks of falling branches and limbs, but it also improves the overall aesthetic of the tree and your property overall.
  • Tree Removal – If a tree dies, it is essential to remove the tree immediately to remove the potentially hazardous tree from your property. We offer a comprehensive tree removal service, including the removal of the tree and the stump.
  • Stump Grinding and Removal – Tree stumps are often unsightly and should be removed immediately to prevent trip-and-fall accidents. We offer stump removal and grinding services to remove them from your property. Stump grinding and removal requires heavy equipment and should only be executed by a certified arborist.
  • Installation – Installing trees is a significant investment and should be performed by a knowledgeable team. Tree installation should be done by professional arborists to ensure the job is done right. We use the best planting and care practices to ensure your tree’s best installation.
  • Tree Health Management – While trees may appear strong and sturdy, they still require regular inspections to ensure that they are healthy. Inspecting your tree for damage, pests, and health issues ultimately increase the longevity of your tree’s life. We work with property owners by examining your trees and giving you advice and tips on how to maintain healthy trees.
  • Tree Inspections – Our arborists perform essential and regular tree inspections to ensure that your trees are healthy. Trees do not always exhibit side effects on the bark, branches, and leaves if the tree has an illness. You should trust your tree’s health with the best.
  • Tree Preservation – We offer a comprehensive tree preservation service, which includes advice on how to preserve a different kind of trees. We believe that tree preservation is a great way for future guests and tenants to enjoy the natural beauty provided by the trees on your property.
  • Risk Assessment – Trees in Austin are exposed to many dangerous and harmful elements that could ultimately damage the tree’s potential lifespan. Environmental factors affecting trees in Austin include pollution, extreme heat, and severe storms. We will assess your tree and its immediate environment to determine if your tree is healthy.
  • Storm Damage – Tree damage caused by a storm can be particularly dangerous because the aftermath of a storm is unpredictable. We can clear away tree debris and remove fallen branches and trees. Our skilled arborists will also assess the trees to determine if any internal damage has been done.
  • Insect and Disease Management – There is a wide variety of pests and disease that can have a negative impact on your tree. If your tree has suffered damage from pests, it is essential to diagnose and treat it early to prevent more damage.

Our dedicated team of tree care specialists possesses the flexibility required to take on a range of projects. Even if your arboreal maintenance needs are not represented in this list, please feel free to contact us. We can discuss the specifics of your issue and let you know how we can help.

Many commercial property owners and managers worry about hiring the best possible tree care business. Your company is your livelihood. You have every reason to want a team that will optimize the attractiveness and safety of your property. Our business clients, including golf courses, HOAs, property management companies, and landscaping companies, feel confident with our services for a variety of reasons. You can rest assured that your property is in good hands because:

  • We are fully insured
  • We offer the expertise of an ISA-certified arborist
  • Our professional-grade equipment can handle the biggest jobs
  • We focus on customer service—your vision is our mission

Our tree care experts understand that a healthy landscape requires routine, specialized maintenance. A gorgeous, safe property can help you attract business, please residents, and keep your company shielded from lawsuits.

Home Builders

Home builders typically need our services, including lot clearing, classic pruning/trimming, building clearance, tree removals, and stump grinding on a regular basis. Because of City Tree Ordinances, we often provide Mitigation and Tree Care plans. Tree Care plans include: decompaction of soils and improving with compost, adding mulch to the Critical Root Zone, fence protection, pruning, and fertilization. We also provide Air Spading to open trenches for utility contractors without damaging the roots. This is very important in the Critic Root Zone and can help builders avoid the need for Tree Care Plans.

Benefits of a Commercial Tree Care Specialist

Hamlin Tree Care, Inc carries a full suite of insurance qualifications that will meet or exceed any requirements needed by building owners or property managers. We provide professionally-uniformed crews with logo-identifiable trucks and employees who are trained to operate all equipment. Additional benefits of hiring a commercial tree care company include:

Premises Safety – As a commercial building manager or business owner, you have the responsibility to maintain safe premises to prevent people from getting hurt. If a fallen branch on your property hurts someone, you may be held liable for his or her injuries. Therefore, it is important to take the right precautions by hiring a professional tree care specialist to help prevent these incidents from occurring.

Property Value – An adequately maintained landscape around your property instantly adds more value to your property. Curb appeal matters to prospective tenants and their clients and landscape design can significantly add value to your business.

Reduce Unexpected Loss and Costs – Without a trained eye, pests or diseases may destroy your trees. You may be forced to remove dead trees or plant all new trees if the infection is severe enough. However, with the help of skilled arborists, these risks can be significantly minimized. Our tree care specialists have the experience and training necessary to identify pest and disease damage and treat them to prevent further damage.

A commercial tree care provider can also help you through the complicated process of removing a tree from your property. Austin requires an application for tree removals, which the professionals at Hamlin Tree Care, Inc can fill out on your behalf.

Contact a Commercial Tree Care Professional

For the past decade, Hamlin Tree Care, Inc has earned the trust of Austin businesses with our superior tree care knowledge and reasonably priced services. We understand how important a healthy and well-maintained landscape is to your commercial property and we offer our clients the highest quality services to make their property stand out from the rest. We can analyze risks and plan out transplants or removal. We can also handle all the heavy-lifting and hauling necessary for executing the toughest jobs. Call us today at (512) 484-0252 to find out just how we can make your commercial property more beautiful and safe.

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